• About UAVS

    In addition to contract manufacturing and engineering, UAVS also has launched a family of unmanned aircraft systems that meet a wide array of surveillance and security needs. These vehicles are available to help serve organizations in need of reliable, affordable unmanned systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions as well as for experimentation purposes. For details, visit our product pages or contact one of our sales associates.

    UAV Solutions, Inc. has a long history of providing superior unmanned products and systems to customers in both the private and public sectors. Contact us today to review your next project or to request a proposal.

  • Certifications & Skills

    The UAV Solutions (UAVS) team offers an impressive range of skills and experience in the manufacturing, design and development of unmanned aircraft systems and subassemblies. From UAS design and construction to complete system integration, UAVS provides customer-focused quality standards to every project, whether it’s for a small backpackable unit or a large 350 lb. plus vehicle. In addition to design and construction, the UAVS team excels at customer flight tests and training. Our role as a UAV user, designer and manufacturer gives us “big picture” vision, enabling us to fulfill customer requirements more efficiently. This often translates into the improvement of existing customer designs, increasing capability and effectiveness while providing greater affordability.

  • Leadership

    William A. Davidson, CEO & Chief Engineer With more than thirteen years of experience as a UAV program and project engineer at large aerospace industry firms, Bill brings an extensive skill set to every project at UAV Solutions. Although a mechanical engineer by degree, it was Bill’s formative years spent building and flying model planes with his father that instilled his passion to design and build UAV systems. This passion for designing unmanned aerial vehicles combined with an impressive technical career as a mechanical engineer gives Bill a unique perspective and deep appreciation of the critical role that UAV systems play in today’s complex world. According to Bill, his major objective has always been to utilize his engineering and design skills to develop and manufacture unmanned aircraft systems that “push the UAV envelope to produce products with higher level surveillance and intelligence gathering capabilities.” Mr. Davidson is the Chief Engineer at UAVS and has completed projects from initial design to OCONUS deployment. He has performed the mechanical and electrical assembly of a wide range of vehicles and has produced manufacturing drawings. Bill also serves as the UAV pilot for training and flight demonstrations, and has briefed military and civilian program management on UAV project status. Mr. Davidson holds a Bachelors of Engineering degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology where he received the Mechanical Engineering Department Leadership Award.

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