UAV Solutions, Inc. Delivers Phoenix 30 UAS for Bulgaria UAVS Delivers Phoenix 30 UAS To Romania

UAV Solutions, Inc. Announces New Fixed Wing Unmanned Systems

On display at AUVSI Booths #1109 and #2303 in Atlanta

JESSUP, MD – April 27, 2015 – UAV Solutions, Inc. (UAVS) announced today that it will display a number of new fixed wing unmanned systems at the annual Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Unmanned Systems 2015 event to be held May 4-7, 2015, in Atlanta, Ga.

In booth #1109 the company will introduce the Phoenix FW120, a lightweight hand-launched air vehicle and the Jet UAV, a high altitude, multi fuel, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) asset. The Intruder UAS, a multiple intelligence gathering platform with a gross take-off weight of 850 lbs., will occupy booth #2303.

With a wingspan of 12.5 ft., the Phoenix FW120 is a 16 lb. electric air vehicle that flies for nearly 2.5 hours. This affordable system was created with a design-for-manufacturing philosophy with open architecture software and hardware components that provide customers with future flexibility. Ideal for inspecting crops, surveilling power lines or conducting search and rescue missions, the Phoenix FW120 has a payload capacity of 2.5 lbs.

The jet powered Jet UAV UAS flies at high altitudes and operates in a low vibration environment ideal for ISR payloads. With more capability than a standard two-stroke piston engine, the Jet UAV can use various heavy fuels including diesel, kerosene and Jet A. The Jet UAV has a wingspan of 16 ft. and a payload capacity of 10 lbs.

In booth #2303, UAVS will feature the new Intruder, a multiple intelligence gathering platform capable of operating at higher density altitudes. This versatile system is able to collect information via satellite communication, signals intelligence, communications intelligence and imagery intelligence. The tractor engine provides the aircraft with greater propulsion efficiency and noise reduction. The Intruder has retractable landing gear and the agnostic, center-of-gravity mounted payload location accommodates from 75 to 100 lbs.

In addition to the UAS highlighted above, UAVS also will feature its multi rotor unmanned systems – Phoenix 60, Phoenix 30 and Phoenix 15 – at the show as well as the Dragon View camera sensor.

Dragon View sensors can be integrated onto unmanned vehicles, antenna towers, to buildings or to other structures to provide day and thermal imagery, video recordings, object tracking and geolocation data. The sensors are lightweight, mechanically and digitally stabilized gimbals with electro-optical and infrared cameras. Buyers will have the option to customize lens size and resolution. Prices for these sensors start at $13,179.

Weighing approximately 1.4 lbs., the sensors can easily be mounted on UAV Solutions unmanned vehicles (or vehicles developed by other manufacturers), on antenna towers and to other structures to provide “additional eyes” for police organizations. Operating at 10.6 watts, the low power draw enables more efficient use of the battery system providing longer duration.

UAV Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that manufactures, designs and delivers innovative unmanned systems. State-of-the-art facilities allow the company to rapidly design, assemble, integrate and test high quality production systems. Helping its public and private sector customers fulfill their most important missions is UAV Solutions’ passion. More information is available at

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