Pixhawk 2 with Standard Carrier Board

The world’s most advanced autopilot for open autonomous unmanned vehicles. Redundant, temperature controlled and isolated.  Easy to use. Latest module. Increased reliability.

Pixhawk 2 with Standard Carrier Board

Airframes: VTOL, plane, multicopter, traditional helicopter, rover, boat, sub, general robotics

Connectivity: 5 serial ports, 2 CAN ports, 2 I2C ports, 2 power ports, 1 ADC port, 8 dedicated opto capable PWM out, 6 GPIO that can also be used for PWM, Dedicated Spektrum RX port, S. Bus in and out, PPM in

  • Heating system to fly under low temperature
  • Three redundant IMU and up to 3 redundant GPS to make it safer
  • Standard power brick included with the full kit
  • Separate cube with carrier board lets users develop their own carrier boards
  • Robust interface connectors to make it easy to plug and safer during flight
Pixhawk 2
Pixhawk 2

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