UAV Solutions Inc. (UAVS) Mission Adaptable & Experiments Evo (MAAX Evo) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a solution to a Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) requirement called MARSUAS (Multi Ability Reconfigurable UAS). Main objectives of the system included: comparable or better endurance than currently fielded systems, reconfigurable between multiple types of platforms, lightweight EO/IR ISR sensor, ATAK/WINTAK capable, STANAG 4586 compatible, open architecture man portable class one UAS. UAVS design and manufactures MAAX Evo leaning on extensive knowledge and past performance gained from the NAVAIR TigerShark UAS program and the commercially available UAVS Phoenix 120 UAS. MAAX Evo offers flexible payload capability, agnostic communications, Multi-Rotor & Fixed Wing mission sets, in a compact, 30 pound back packable package.

AUVSI Highlights MARSUAS in it a Special Operations article:

UAV Solutions products are export controlled and may require U.S. Government authorization prior to export or re-export.


Pack Out Exterior Dimensions: 48″x18″x18″
Weight: 30 lbs. (Pack Out)

Vehicle Specifications

Weight: 9 lbs. Multi-Rotor; 14 lbs. Fixed Wing

Endurance: 60 Minutes: Multi-Rotor; 3 Hours: Fixed Wing

Communications: Secure mobile ad hoc network

Communication Range: 5+ Kilometer

ISR Payload: EO/IR ISR Gimbal w/10x zoom EO HD, 640×480 IR, & Laser Illuminator

Common, open electrical payload connection (shared ICD)

Flight Modes: Full GPS based waypoint navigation, Semi-Autonomous, Auto Take Off & Recovery