Aerostat Sub-Systems & Support

       UAV Solutions Inc. (UAVS) is a proven provider of aerostat sub-systems and has past performance in support of the Joint Urgent Operational Needs Statement (JUONS) Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) & Exportable Ground Surveillance System (XGSS). UAVS manufactures gondola systems that provide payload power & interface, data conversion, and communications to the ground (fiber and radio). Additionally UAVS designs and manufactures support equipment to include TOC & C5ISR interface and handling equipment to help complete an end to end aerostat system.

Ft Carson Gondola Truss 028


  • PGSS 2.0 Gondola
    • Operational on TCOM 22M Aerostats
  • PGSS 3.2 Gondola
    • Operational on TCOM 28M Aerostats
  • Exportable Ground Surveillance System (XGSS) Gondola
    • Operational on Raven Aerostar TIF 25 Aerostats
  • Tactical Ground Surveillance System (TGSS) Gondola
    • Operational on TCOM 12M Aerostats
  • Aerostat System Support Equipment
    • C5ISR Interface
    • Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Interface
    • MINI-C, AGIG, & Sylvus Communications
    • Launch & Handling Equipment
    • Custom Gondola Systems