Manufacturing Snapshot

UAV Solutions (UAVS) is a proven leader in the manufacturing, testing and design of unmanned systems. All of our systems and vehicles are manufactured to today’s highest standards, providing customers with cutting edge unmanned technology that delivers mission critical performance.

UAVS is more than a provider of unmanned systems, our manufacturing capabilities allow for the support of nearly any manufacturing project. Composite fabrication, metal fabrication, wire harness manufacturing,  & systems integration are capabilities we offer that apply to many industries.


Core Capabilities

  • UAVS concept design based on customer specified guidelines
  • Creation of a 3-D model and design drawings
  • Machine preproduction molds
  • Build prototypes
  • Manufacture small runs of parts
  • Integrate various payloads and avionics sets
  • Perform flight operations and training sessions
  • machine & composite parts manufacturing
  • Unmanned payloads
  • Unmanned training and consulting

Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping

6 x FDM (Fusion Deposition Modeling) Machines with maximum build capacity of 406x355x406mm (16″x14″x16″); Production-grade thermoplastic: ABSi, ABS-M30, polycarbonate (PC-10), nylon 12 and ULTEM 9085

Milling/ Machining

3 x Haas CNC Machining Vertical Mills with machining envelope up to 40″ x 20″ x 25″
2 x Manual Vertical Mills
2 x Manual Lathe

Water Jet Capability

3 axis Water Jet with 120”x60” cutting capability cut aluminum and steel up to 3″ thick, armor plate, or foam

Composite Mold Machining

1x Haas Gantry Router with a machining capability of 144″x84″x24″

Composite Layup

Wet layup experience with Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Fiberglass

Painting/ Finishing

In house paint booth and spray equipment
Experience with DuPont and PPG urethane paints, as well as water based
Powder coating capabilities

Laser Cutting

2 x Universal Laser CNC CO2 laser cutters with cutting capability of up to 39″x24″, cut balsa and plywood as well as plastic sheet

Harness Manufacturing

Experience with Molex, Cannon, Hirose and other connectors; many connectors and crimp tools in-stock

Conformal Coating

6 x UV Cure Staking Machines
1 x UV Cure Conveyer Belt Machine

Assembly/ Integration

Experience with the following autopilots and communications/video links: Cloud Cap, Procerus, and Pixhawk; Persistent Systems WaveRelay, Cobham COFDM, L-3 Mini-C, Bandit, Rover, IMT COFDM and Microhard digital data link