UAVS Ghost 60 Multi-Rotor System

UAV Solutions Inc. (UAVS) Ghost 60 Aerial Vehicle is a tactical multi-rotor design intended for missions requiring secure communications and long endurance. Each vehicle utilizes commercial off the shelf lithium batteries for low cost, while Mil-Spec electromechanical connections reinforce the military/industrial application. An endurance of over 60 minutes establishes the Ghost 60 as  one of the most capable back packable multi-rotor solutions. AES256 encrypted data links are provided as well as the availability of STANAG 4586 protocol further reinforcing the Ghost 60s military roots. UAVS design and manufactures the Ghost 60 leaning on extensive knowledge and past performance gained from the UAVS Phoenix 30 & 60, and Ace LE platforms, as well as experience form the MARSUAS unmanned system. This vehicle provides the ease of use and simplicity  of COTS multi-rotors but with the advantages of encrypted data links, higher endurance, point and click navigation, and RTK GPS all while being manufactured in the USA.

UAV Solutions products are export controlled and may require U.S. Government authorization prior to export or re-export.

UAVS Ghost 60 Multi-Rotor System

Length: 30″

Width: 30″

Prop tip to prop tip: 36″

Take-off weight: 8 lbs.

Endurance: 50-70 minutes depending on payload

Payload Capacity: 0.5-1 lb. depending on endurance requirements

Communications: Secure mobile ad hoc network communications radio

Communications Range: 5 kilometers LOS

Typical Operating Altitude: 50-500 ft. AGL: MSL: 5,000 ft.

Flight Modes: Point & Click vision based navigation, GPS waypoint navigation, Auto Take Off & Recovery

Security & Interoperability:  AES256 Encryption; STANAG 4586 interface available

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